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Home of Good Thoughts


Kogo Gallery
Curator: Rael Artel

Anna Mari Liivrand often depicts landscapes that have a fairytale-like quality to them or somehow refer to distant times (or gardens) in her drawings. These are fantasy spaces, where past and yet unarticulated visions of the future meet. To accompany her drawings, the artist says: “In these drawings, I imagined ruins or skeletons in various stages of decay. ‘Scattered’ objects in the space also refer to ruins. At the same time, these ‘ruins’ are very carefully composed and looked after, raising the question that maybe decay is not always accidental and regrettable.” The world of the drawings “Passing Arcs I”, “Passing Arcs II” and “Passing Arcs III” partly flows into the gallery, and one of the depicted compositions “Encirclingcan” be found in the space. It is a kind of a park sculpture which, when taken from the park in the drawing to a real interior, acquires new dimensions and sensory potential. The park is an opportunity for walking, in the course of which the forms and shapes of the route change, but the trajectory still remains circular.

 Rael Artel.

Bronze, wire, fearthers, leaves.
Graphite and colored pencil on silk paper.

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