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Beds and Ripples


Draakoni galerii

Drawings and installations based on unusual and disappearing materialswere presented at Draakon Gallery. There are fluids of various colour, texture and density installed at the centre of the gallery that keep transforming every second. On one hand, this installation can be viewed as a collection of decorative elements nested in a concrete form; on the other hand, the pieces represent autonomously moving sculptures. Threaded feathers, flakes of skin and other collected objects hanging from the ceiling remind of personal talismans and form an interrelated, fragile spatial network. The exhibition is framed by landscapes on silk drawings that study the themes of collecting and preserving while following the techniques of scientific illustration, the result creating an ephemeral atmosphere. There is a sensitive and fragile milieu between the artwork whereas the installative solutions and unexpected materials contribute to the extraordinary site-specific spatial experience.

Photos: Sten Saarits

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